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Easy To Follow Rules For Weight Loss

It's surprising in this day and age how much ignorance there is about the relationship between diet, exercise, weight, fitness and wellness.

There's little, if any, doubt that a combination of a proper diet, a sensible exercise routine and effective weight control will lead to higher levels of fitness and wellness and, in turn, a fuller, more active and enjoyable life.

So, to kick start your weight reduction campaign cut out these five foods:

  1. Potatoes;
  2. Bread;
  3. Foods with added salt;
  4. Foods with added sugar; and
  5. Sodas and alcohol.

OK, there are two things in point 5, so really it's a list of six, and sodas and alcohol are drinks, not foods, but it's essential to cut them out for your weight loss campaign to succeed.

Now, by going on a diet you will not see instant results. In fact, losing weight too fast could well be harmful to your health. Your diet must be balanced to ensure you obtain the carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins - and, in fact, everything else - your body needs to maintain health and vitality.

For sustained weight loss and maintained wellbeing and energy you should adopt a well planned diet and exercise regime.

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